Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Who Influenced Me

The most influential person for me during my time in high school was not actually a teacher but a coach. He was my basketball coach junior and senior year while I was on the varsity team. He really inspired me to go into everything I did with my whole heart. His passion for basketball and his knowledge for the game was so intense. He would stay up endless nights watching game film in order for him to prepare us as best as he could. Basketball was his life and he was very good at it.

Most of what I learned from him was how to work hard and if someone wasn't willing to work hard he wasn't afraid to let them know he was upset with them. He didn't treat us like we were girls when we were on the court he treated us like athletes but as soon as we left the gym he treated us with nothing less than the utmost respect. That is why I really enjoyed playing for him because he made me work hard, want to learn more about the game, and he created the team bonding atmospheres.

He really cared about winning but he also wasn't afraid to give us time off from being on the court, he took us to movies, let us play kickball, and even took us bowling. He did these things to see if we were competitive and to help strengthen the team bonds. Not only did the team like him but the community also liked him and respected him. Before he came my junior year my high school was lucky to go 500 for a season. When he came his first season we went 18 and 4 and that was a huge improvement. So as I grow up now I often think of what a great coach he was and how much everything he did meant to him. If I can have half as much passion for something as he did I believe I will succeed in life.

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